Water Treatment

Pre-commissioning chemical cleaning is a strategic part of the building completion process, as foreign debris will inevitably be found in newly fabricated mechanical pipework systems. If these are allowed to remain in the system, this will ultimately cause blockage of such line items as commissioning and regulating valves, strainers etc. which in turn will affect the performance of heat or cooling emitters.

Flushing, Sterilisation and Washes: Sectional flushing / cleaning can be carried out with the use of correctly sized temporary pumps. This is common in fit-out environments.

Microbiological fouling can cause lengthy delays to the commissioning process and can have a detrimental effect of the fundamental working condition of heating and chilled water systems.

A Bio-Cide Wash can be applied where closed loop systems have been microbiologically fouled. This procedure is necessary when system water has been allowed to be drained post pressure testing, or allowed to sit within the system for a lengthy period of time without treatment. An alternative pressure test activity should always be considered.

Domestic Chlorination/Water Sterilisation. Valco Consulting Ltd, undertake sterilisations of all domestic water installations. Sterilisation of new water services is not only good practice, but essential in many systems, particularly those incorporating any degree of storage.

“The risk from exposure to Legionella should be prevented or controlled; precautions include keeping the system and the water in it clean.”
ACoP L8,

Our technicians work to British Standard 8558:2011, using Sodium Hypochlorite, which at 50 parts per million plus of free chlorine reduces contact time to just one hour. An alternative is offered using Sanosil. Sanosil is an ecological, universal antiviral disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide and silver that’s perfect for purifying water for commercial and industrial uses. It is a patented product and eliminates all pathogenic amoeba, bacteria, biofilms, fungi, moulds and viruses without any side effects.

After the chlorination we can provide extensive water testing services through a UKAS certified laboratory to give confidence in the cleanliness of water systems.

Legionnaires Disease Prevention, Testing and Remediation. We believe that it is vitally important that as part of your companies complete water maintenance program, regular Legionella Risk Assessments are carried out.

Whilst difficult to culture legionnaire’s disease in lab conditions, a poorly-maintained water system is the ideal breeding ground for legionella pneumophila, along with other harmful bacteria, such as E-Coli.

Although difficult to contract, Legionnaire’s Disease can be fatal, and often has long-lasting or permanent side-effects.

Our specialist team carry out Legionella Risk Assessments and also a range of Specialist Legionella Testing Services, ensuring that prime importance and
consideration is given to minimising, and hopefully eliminating the risks from legionnaires on any given water system.

With many years of experience in the water industry, our skilled team will work to ensure that you and your staff are kept safe from any risk posed by harmful diseases that may be present in your water system.