Professional Services

Valco aims to achieve success for our clients by offering a package of Professional Services such as :

Commissioning Management helps you to perfect your indoor climate by ensuring a planned, programmed, auditable and structured approach to the commissioning process, carried out to the highest standards.

The senior staff at Valco have been involved in managing commissioning processes in the construction industry for over 20 years, and lead the way with both their personalised professional approach, and formal management systems.

Our contribution to the procurement process assists you in ensuring that your team works together with commitment, to fully prove building system performance.

Our experienced Commissioning Managers specialise in ensuring M&E Building Services are strategically planned, commissioned and signed off to ensure stringent compliance with the project specifications and Employer’s Requirements.

This involves managing, witnessing and verifying on- and off- site tests to ensure building/project performance from conception to completion is compliant with the project requirements as well as CIBSE Codes, BSRIA Guidelines and Part L Building Regulation requirements.

Typically a full brief would cover the following bullet points:

Technical Authorship. Valco can provide an extensive range of technical publication services to suit most requirements within the Building Services and Construction industry, including:

All are produced to the relevant BSRIA, British Standards or Client Specifications, for all disciplines and to all readership levels. Our team of Technical Authors and support staff will produce any document to your requirements.

Electronic Manuals are available for all types of Technical Literature. All our electronic publications would be produced in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF)

We are also able to offer our bespoke web based solution. eManuals. Text, drawings and graphics can be viewed and printed in identical format to paper equivalent. Text searches are also available throughout the electronic publication.

We offer a comprehensive Operation and Maintenance Manual service, as follows:

Valco Consulting Limited will issue each work package contractor that has been responsible for a full package/installation, with an electronic O&M Manual template (complete with comprehensive instruction), for them to complete, which will ensure that all operating and maintenance information is issued and presented in the same format.

Valco will liaise directly with the WP Contractors guiding them through the whole process, offering assistance wherever required.